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Your occasion is special, why not to make it memorable? Watch their faces as they scent the hint of warm, melted, Belgium chocolate in the air. Then they realize you have presented this rich, smooth, luscious chocolate fountain for their enjoyment! The excitement grows as your guests start to choose what they want to try first, a fresh strawberry? May be a banana or an apple slice? How about a marshmallow or profiteroles…

If you have seen a chocolate fountain at a wedding or party, you know the beauty and fun they add to an event. If you haven't seen a chocolate fountain in action, let us tell you - they are AMAZING and guaranteed to make sure people are out of their seats and having a great time at your wedding, corporate party or special gathering.

Chocolate fountains are quickly becoming a must have at weddings, parties,  corporate events, birthday and anniversary parties, as well as just about any other social gathering or event.  Irish Chocolate Fountains is your #1 source for Chocolate Fountain Rentals in Ireland!

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